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Spearfishing Courses


This is a beginner course teaching the basics to the new spearfisher.

Spearfishing has in one form or another existed since the dawn of time. Today spearfishing is practiced world-wide and considered the single most sustainable method of hunting fish on the planet.
Why Because spear fishing is target selective and not indiscriminate like every other method of harvesting fish, and yes, more sustainable than fishing with a rod and reel.

Pre-requisites: Minimum SSI Basic Freediving or equivalent certification

Course covers:-
Weaponry and selecting the appropriate equipment for yourself
Target selection, shooting and humanely dispatching the fish.
Proper Weighting.
Fish Identification.
2 x Ocean Dives At Bass Point
Duration :- 1 Day


Combined Basic Freediving & Spearfishing 2 Days.